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30/06/2010: My Australian Citizenship Ceremony.

30/06/2010: My Australian Citizenship Ceremony.

It was a long journey indeed. Hard to tell how I felt at that moment, but most of all I felt relief, relief off the pressure that I have carried on since the first day landing in Australia. Six years is not a long period of time, but six years living in depression is tough, tough enough for a young man to change his philosophy of life

Years later, I still remember the rhythms and lyrics of the song Soild Rock (by Goanna), from the car’s radio, when driven home from Lismore Airport on the first day in Australia:
“Out here nothing changes
Not in a hurry anyway
You can feel the endlessness
With the coming of the light of day..”

Yeah, a new day has come. For many people, it would be the end, but for others it’s just the beginning, I am one of the others.

9 years ago

You make yourself proud, bro.

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